Sierra Nevada

Altitude: 3.478 m

The Sierra Nevada is famous for skiing and snowboarding in winter.

At only 27 km from Granada and less than one and a half hour by car from Orgiva,

the Sierra Nevada is a great place to explore in winter and in summer!


Flora: Sierra Nevada has 66 endemic species in flora. And about 2.000 different kind of plants and trees like, pine trees (Pinus Sylvestris Nevadensis), Narciscos (Narcissus Nevadensis), Olive trees (Acebuche) and much more. Have a look at this website to see all types of plants and trees in the Sierra Nevada.

Fauna: Sierra Nevada has more than 80 endemic species in fauna/animals. Like, weasels (Comadrejas), snakes (Vipera, Culebra, Lagartos), scorpions (Buthus Occitanus), mountain cats (Felis Silvestris), wild boars (Sus Scrofa). But the most important is the Cabra Montes/Capra Pyrenaica (mountain goats). Also you can find more than 20 types of birds and butterflies. (owls (Bubo Bubo), Eagles (Aquila Chrysaetos), swift birds (Apus Melba).

Have a look at this website to see all types of animals in the Sierra Nevada.

Sierra Nevada had a mediterranean to subarctic climate, due to the locations higher elevation and low summer precipitation. The climate at a slightly lower elevation is continental highland climate.
From November until May the temperature is between -9 and 2 degrees. From May until November the temperature is between 10 and 22 degrees.


  • Botanical Gardens: if you want to enjoy the flora of Granada in an entertaining and educational way, the Andalusian Network of Botanical Gardens offers two interesting places to visit: the Jardin Botanico de la Cortijuela and the Hoya de Pedraza. 
  • El Dornajo Visitor Centre: is an interesting environmental and cultural facility connected to the Parque Nacional y Natural de Sierra Nevada.
  • Los Arenales del Trevenque: has outstanding sand rivers, footpaths and viewing points, inns and picnic areas. The abrupt cliffs and ravines where it is not unusual to observe the flight of large birds of prey, and its splendid panoramic views over Granada is a very pleasant place to enjoy a day out in nature in its most unspoiled state.
  • La Vereda de la Estrella: is one of the most classical and beautiful excursions of the Sierra Nevada. The route was built in 1890 to serve as a means of communication with the mines of the high Genil. The pathway leaves from Barranco de San Juan.

There are a lot of events at the Sierra Nevada. For example; Mountain Festival, Triatlon Sierra Nevada, Music Festival, Night skiing to Pico Veleta. Have a look at this website for the dates and more amazing events and competitions!

Winter Resort Sierra Nevada

(starts; beginning of November, ends; beginning of May)
Actividades: skiing, snowboarding, sledding. 

Summer Resort Sierra Nevada

(starts; beginning of May, ends; beginning of November)
Actividades: walking, hiking, mountain biking. 

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